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Canning Basin - Exploration Permit - Backreef


  • Oil Basins Limited (OBL) owns 100% of Backreef and is the operator.
  • Backreef-1 was drilled in October 2010 to 1800 meters.
  • The well is currently cased and suspended (1155m).
  • The well has the following attributes:
    • Porosity circa 22% - with permeability tight;
    • Reservoirs - Yellow Drum equivalent & Gumhole dolomites;
    • Gross Reservoir interval 48.9m;
    • Net Oil Pay interval 39.2m;
    • Risked Net Free oil (pre-stimulation) 3.9m.
  • OBL has completed geophysical and geological (G&G) work collecting and digitizing 16 vintage 2D seismic and to reprocess the newly digitized data and apply modern 3D techniques assist with its evaluation and interpretation of the potential new oil play area.
  • Utilising advanced 3D Petrel ™ software OBL has now defined a potential the New Oil Play first delineated by Backreef-1 well (Figure 2).
  • The project is close to Blina oilfield (the first commercial oil discovery in the Canning Basins), which is owned and operated by Buru Energy Limited (ASX; BUR).     

Work program objectives

  1. To recover hydrocarbons (i.e. oil) to the surface
  2. Characterise and defined reservoir permeability and fluid properties
  3. Establish steady state down hole and surface reservoir pressure, fluid production rates, static fluid level (applicable to pumping) and hydrocarbon and reservoir fluid composition.
  4. Define the extent and nature of the possible contingent resources.


Oil Basins interests in Canning Basin, WA

Oil Basins interests in Canning Basin, WA